Permits- City or County?

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I’ve been reading a lot of old posts about pulling permits and the general consensus is always pull permits when required by the city/county.

My question is this. Which is it? City or county? Or both? I have found the pages for pulling permits for both the city and county I’m in (Tempe and maricopa). Do I need to file with both? Is one more important than the other? Do they likely share info with each other?

@James Theron Erwin III you just pull permits through the City of Tempe. The permit office is on the garden level of city hall, just below the giant inverted pyramid. 

I've personally had nothing but good experiences pulling many permits through Tempe. The office staff is super friendly and helpful, and there's almost never a wait for "over the counter" permits. The job site inspectors are also friendly and don't try to waste your time with nitty gritty stuff. 

What work are you looking to do in Tempe?

@Ryan Swan thank you! I would probably have started with the city of Tempe because they have been very helpful to me so far with other matters.

I’m looking to flip homes in Tempe, mainly because that’s where I live and I know the market better than other areas of Phoenix. I have networked with wholesalers here and will eventually get into direct mail marketing to find my own properties and potentially wholesale deals I’m not in a position to move on.

My permit question comes because I can do a lot of work myself but want to make sure it’s done legitimately