Should you do a test and/or do a lead abatement on this property?

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Hello, so my friend purchased a home built in 1961 in Ventura county (Moorpark/Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village/Simi/Agoura area) with popcorn ceilings with the intention to rent it out and/or Airbnb part of it.  They are doing minimal rehab work - swapping carpets for laminate flooring and some repainting and patching of holes in the wall. It also has popcorn ceilings so the plan is to plaster over them.

1) It seems like there's minimal regulation regarding lead paint abatement. Should my friend do a test for lead paint and if it tests positive do a lead paint abatement/removal?

2) How much would a lead paint removal likely cost? Several contractors told them most people just repaint over the walls. (IMHO it seems like lead paint is only a danger if you're doing activities that lead to paint particles in the air - .e.g, wall demolition, etc.)

A home inspector once told me lead paint was used more often in higher end homes to create sheen effect.  It was not very common in typical household paint and regular single family style homes.  It won't hurt to test, that way you'll have a definitive answer.

Given that there are popcorn ceilings you may want to test for asbestos.  There are a few different options if asbestos is present; the tester and/or a licensed contractor should be able to give you a few different options for treatment.