LSF8 Master Participation Trust ?

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I was driving for dollars and I passed a distressed property. The house looked vacant and the lawn looks like it hadn’t been cut in years. I wrote down the address went home and pulled up the city tax assessors website to do a property search. This revealed the owner names as LSF8 Master Participation Trust. Could anyone please tell me what this is and how I could take it further to find the owners ?

Hi Brian, 

I know it's been a year or more, but wanted to drop my two cents in here for you.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust is a sham. It does not actually own anything. It is merely a participation entity, if you research 'participation agreements' you will get the idea. Supposedly, these mortgages were actually bought by a company called "LSF8 Mortgage Holdings, LLC" but even that is in question at this point.

If you were to contact that "trust", you would be directed to Caliber Home Loans, which is supposedly the servicer for that trust.  How convenient, all of the entities that are supposedly involved in this with the exception of the named trustee (US Bank Trust) are owned by the same company--Lone Star Funds.  Lone Star has been buying up tons of delinquent mortgages and distressed properties all over the country.  Caliber Home Loans is the "servicer" for this racket.  You would have more fun performing your own open heart surgery than you would dealing with Caliber.  I would know, I've been dealing with them for 7 years now.  The funny thing is, even Caliber itself cannot tell me who actually "owns" the note.  They've told me a bunch of different companies and trusts, the answer keeps changing.  

Consider the property you're interested in.  If they cannot send someone to even cut the grass, then chances are they aren't paying the property taxes on the property either.  In my case, I own a property that they keep trying to bill me for things like grass cutting and trimming shrubs--they claim they are sending property preservation folks to my house often.  But I have someone else already cutting that grass--with photos for proof of before and after every time he cuts.  And I don't even have a single shrub on the property.  They keep trying to charge me hundreds of dollars--this is now the third company they have hired in recent years to do this.  And it's also now the third time I can prove that they are billing me for work they are not actually even performing.  Four days after my lawn service cut the grass in January, they claimed that they showed up and cut the grass.  Four the winter, when grass down here does not grow enough to cut in two weeks.  Both other times, I caught the company actually admitting that the charges were for work supposedly performed at a different house, that "somehow" got attached to my property.  

This company is a scam, it is nothing but bad news.  I would not go anywhere near a property they claim to own.