I am 23. I bought my house 8 months ago is... a good move?

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At 23, I bought my home about 8-10 months ago.m for 112k.... I put it on the market a week ago for 160k and just received and accepted a cash offer for 155k... is or was this a good move or should I have kept my property?

@George Davis

I would have kept it personally, unless you need to get it off your plate right away. If it is a great property you could've moved in with your family member and rent out both unit which should cashflow. What's the plan in the future, why move away from it?

Take the profit and move up to the next property and make a long term plan always moving up. Become financially independent within 5 years. Stay at your family's home for as long as they will accept you while you grow your real estate career.  I started off with a 6 family dwelling and within 10 years had 200 rental units and a 50 unit mobile home park. What's your plan?