Repair Estimate for Pottstown Home

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My husband and I got our first appointment after our first call to a seller. We went to see the house yesterday and it's a complete gut job.  We did not have a contractor go with us, because we do not know one in the area yet. We used the repair estimator and it came up to about $85,000. 

Is there anyone here who is familar with the Pottstown, PA area? How much does it typically cost to renovate a home in need of a complete gut job? The house is:

1440 Sqft

3 bedrooms

1 bathroom

Lot size 4200 sqft

Is my estimate way off? Thanks for your help and advice. 

Hi Donielle!

I've worked with contractors and rehabbed myself in Pottstown, and I'd say that your estimate could be close to accurate.

It's hard to tell though, because some very expensive things are not included in your descriptions. For spending too much on a rehab around here, usually the killer factors are:

1. Plumbing - for example, if the pipes are old iron pipes and they're rusting through, or if the sewer line to the street needs to be replaced because it's old or tree roots grew through it. Also, people sometimes steal copper pipes to sell them as scrap.

2. Electrical - for example, some old houses around here have knob and tube wiring, which is very difficult to get insurance for, and is a legitimate fire hazard. Or if you want to upgrade from 2-prong to 3-prong outlets (which also reduces fire hazards, and also makes your life more convenient if you live there) that requires re-wiring the circuit.

3. Heat/AC systems - a lot of the heat around here is old radiators with a boiler in the basement, and a boiler can run you $10k if it's bad. If you want A/C installed in one of these old houses instead of window units, that's expensive as well.

4. Roof 

The stuff you replace for gutting a house (drywall or plaster, paint, floor coverings, kitchen cabinets and countertops, toilets and vanities, etc.) will run up a decent bill, but if the systems I described above are bad, that can quickly make it completely unfeasible for an investor around here.

@Clark Kirkpatrick  Thank you for your response! It seems that everything is bad. The roof needs to be replaced. The heating is oil and the owner says he installed an electric hot water heater, but the basement was in such disrepair that we could not get down to see it. The back porch seems to be collapsing as well. There's also a huge attic. 

What contractors would you recommend in this area? We are newbie wholesalers and looking to build relationships and it would be much better to have someone walk through these homes with us. Thank you for your time!