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I always make sure to put the best selling features in the heading so when buyers are browsing, they see that first. Popular amenities like fenced in yards, central air, dishwashers, and finished basements are what buyers like in my area, as well as seller assist with down payment or closing costs. If you plan on offering a home warranty or anything else at closing, maybe place that at the top as well.

I use Craigslist all the time to advertise properties. Below are some techniques I use

*For rehab properties I use words like:
-Rehabbers DREAM

*For homes that have completed the Rehab process I use words like, Completely renovated, all new ammenities, This ulgy duckling has transformed, Fully restored, come check me out!

*Also thing I found effect was adding the comps. People love numbers

*Creative use of words like the two capital QQ's to show eyes

*Personalize the add. My observation with most people are they dont like big business. I use phases like:
-please no calls only text (dont want to get fired)LOL
-Catchy headers NEWBIE N OVER MY HEAD :(
-Add humor. Once I used Where's the Gov Program to trade my beat up home??

Good Luck to you

Luis: you say you are trying to sell to qualified end buyers. What's the price range? Are you hoping for a cash purchase? Are you willing to work with a buyer's agent?

$169K asking price. Cash buyers are always welcomed but in this case I think someone quallied by a lender is what we're hoping for. The house is FHA ready & we're willing to work with agents:)

Thank you

If you are willing to cooperate with and pay a buyer's agent, then you should put that in the ad. But if you are willing to work with an agent, then why not just do a flat flee listing? Spend $250-$300 to get the property in front of the most buyers. IMO, craigslist is not the way to go for a property going to an end user getting an FHA loan. Qualified buyers work with agents. Good agents have qualified buyers ready to go.

These days, most -- if not all -- of your qualified retail traffic will come through agents and the MLS.

Luiz, I advertise my For Sale properties in the For Rent section of CL. My titles are always in all caps and I make sure to use all of the characters allowed. The only words I use consistently are MUST SEE.

The most important part of this tactic is to advertise the down payment and PITI. Then in bold, red, all cap letters I say MUST HAVE AT LEAST 600 CREDIT SCORE TO QUALIFY.

When people call I first sell them on the house. As we are setting up the appointment I ask them if they noticed the credit score criteria, because I am looking for someone who wants to own the home. Some people get mad, others get confused. But there will always be a handful that already figured it out and say, "yeah, I've been thinking about buying anyway." BINGO! That's who you are looking for. I sell every single one of my houses that way. BTW...I also list them in the "For Sale" section of CL, on Zillow, on Trulia and with real estate agents. The For Rent ads win every time.

The ads also point buyers to my website which explains everything. It also has photos, video tours, etc. I can give you links to some of my current CL ads if you like. Let me know.

Here are 3 that I have used recently:

FHA is 3.5% down. I use whatever the prevailing rate is when I post the ad. Of course I explain that the payment will vary slightly based on prevailing rates.

Hi. what a great thread. I'm new. I put out my first ad. I'm trying to find pre-foreclosure or otherwise motivated sellers because I want to wholesale a few deals to get my feet wet. I put an "I buy properties" ad.. no pictures and tu duh.. it didn't work. Any suggestions on finding good wholesale deals that way (or some other way) .

I'm doing my first "driving for dollars" this sunday.

@Darrick Richardson The best way to find any deals of any kind is through referrals. Start to build relationships and the deals will come to you and you won't have to go looking for them. Craigslist ads are a thing of the past and everyone is doing it now which makes it watered down. Because of the new hype about technology, nobody really does face to face business anymore and those that do are killing the game. Start to get out there and make connections and let the people know what you do so that they can help you and you can help them. 

Hope that helps,