Bought a property, how do I find reputable contractors?

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I would call at least 3 separate contractors for each item to be done unless using a General Contractor then 3 quotes should be enough.

It's best to have contractors lined up before you purchase a property in order to save time and money. You should attend local REIA meetings and investor meetups to network with other investors and get referrals for good contractors.

@Cheryl Murdock  the best way to find contractors is to talk to architects, designers, engineers, realtors and other investors.

Also check MLS for flip properties and new construction specs for sale.

Make sure to get 3 or more current project in process refinances, 3 or more current past clients, visit some job sites in progress to see how they look. You can tell a lot about a contractor by how clean and organized the site is and the quality of the subs a well. You also want to talk to the subs to make sure they always get paid on time by the builder.

Last is proof of insurance sent directly by their insurance company.