Noob question - should I get A / C for a flip in San Pedro, CA?

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Hello BP, I am finishing up my 5th flip, which is a house in San Pedro, CA. However, my first four flips were in Ohio, so this is my first CA flip. I am interested in the opinions of others who are familiar with San Pedro or at least the surrounding areas.

Simple question really - should I get an A/C unit for the house? It will be listed around 900k. I’ve been working in the house for months now, and I personally am always fine with just keeping the windows open, and I can easily work with no A/C and just windows open. There is also a fan system that goes through the vents and is hooked up to the Nest Thermostat that I’ve already installed for the new furnace.

I personally would never use an A/C in San Pedro (rather open windows than pay for energy costs), and I know that my opinion is biased, so I’d like to know your opinions...should I get the A/C system anyway? Good investment for the flip or bad investment?


Hey @Daniel Oren , thanks for the post! So, my quick and dirty answer on this would be, if the comps giving you your 900k ARV having AC's...I would put in an AC. : )

But, I also don't live in San Pedro so take my 2 cents for what's it worth I guess. I live in the Sacramento area where you MUST have an AC.  : )

Good luck and congrats on your flipping success so far! 


Many places in CA have no central air. Look at the competition in the price point. The other homes that are true comparables. If it is rare for them to have A/C, I would not worry about it. I think your OH background is more the issue. Look locally. Speak with agents. Pull up the MLS info for stuff on the market. Is A/C featured?

Cooling is better than no cooling, and for a newly refreshed house unless it's historic in some way, usually expected even if unnecessary.  Most of the solds that I saw in that price range have central cooling.