New sinks in a rental

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I am putting in new countertops and because of that will put in a new sink in the rental unit. Currently, it is a top mount and porcelain. I am wondering if I should do top mount and stainless steel or under-mount and a different material? I am trying to do mid-class if that changes anything. 

A new sink isn't that expensive to do, and undermount is nice to have. Some countertop companies will include a sink in their pricing. If you're doing the counters, might as well do the sinks.

Depends on what type of countertops. I put in laminate, so I do the drop-in sinks because the inside edge of the cutout isn't finished. There are some pretty nice drop in ones. In my own house I have a stainless, single bowl, apron sink with the pull down faucet. I love it!