Booming Kitsap County?

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Seattle has been growing like crazy mostly because of Amazon, however, I don’t see the same growth for counties nearby King county such as Kitsap County.

Is Poulsbo, Kingston or Silverdale expected to grow anytime soon?

@Jesse Valle , Kitsap's actually up 10%+ over last year. Meanwhile, Seattle has been flat. I don't see that slowing down as more and more people discover how great it is here. Plus, the ferry commute is much more pleasant than being stuck in traffic! :-) I expect more action in Kingston as inventory is built there, now that there's a fast ferry. (39 minutes to downtown Seattle). I think it would be exploding more, but there's still a serious shortage of inventory. 

Feel free to DM me for more info/stats. I live in Poulsbo and love it over on this side. 

Like @Megan Shay said - Kitsap is certainly growing, but the surrounding areas in a booming market like Seattle take time.  Kitsap is a great market, and has lots of potential.  Places like Bremerton and Kingston have great ferry service to Seattle and Port Orchard's ferry is scheduled to expand with direct service to Seattle in coming years.  It's a lot nicer of a commute than driving in freeway traffic for a hour, but has a different pace of life than the East Side.

What's your interest in Kitsap?  Or are you just tracking the growth?

Hi @Kristel Knittel ,

Yes, I take the ferry to Seattle everyday and it’s way better than dealing with traffic!

My initial plan was to buy a single home or condo in Bainbridge Island or Poulsbo, however, my plans are changing now towards investment opportunities instead.

I’ve been reading and watching the news to identify new businesses (restaurants, convenience stores, health centers etc.) heading to North Kitsap County as a growth indicators, but I haven’t seen too much activity lately (other than Bremerton), therefore, I started questioning Kitsap growth rate.

Thank you for your time.


Originally posted by @Megan Shay :

@Kristel Knittel, as more people discover that you can work, read, plan AND drink coffee or beer on the boat, it'll REALLY take off around here. ;-) Can't say that for sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic! 

EXACTLY!! Commuting in style! 😎

I moved to Bainbridge island in 1996 while working for Adobe on pioneer square and I loved every minute of my commute back then! We've been living in our home in North Kingston now for over 16 years and would not want to change one thing.

Although I no longer commute on the ferry I must say it's one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to make a commute compared to traffic or even taking trains. I've watched Kitsap county slowly grow over the past 23 years and still think it's one of the best places to live in the Seattle area.