Contractor not finishing my flip!!!!

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How do you handle a contractor who was suppose to finish a job in 3 months which is now a YEAR and he is basically saying he messed up the rest of your budget money?  I want to cut him off my job and file a lawsuit what steps should I follow in New Jersey also any referrals of the kind of lawyer I need please list thanks. 

Honestly, from what I have heard and read... I don't think its worth your time or money to try and take him to court. If the amount of money is very large that is a different story but I'm guessing its under 20k.
But there are some things you can do depending on what sort of company it is. Could you give some more information? Is it a sub contractor, general contractor, handyman? Is he running his bushiness through an LLC?

Taking a contractor to court will be a waste of time and money.  In most cases the contractor won't show up to court, the judge will find in your favor against the contractor in his company name, the contractor will abandon that company name and start a new on without skipping a beat.  

Pretty much.  There are as many or more bad contractors as there are good contractors out there.  You really have to be careful you don't pay too much too early in the job to help prevent being ripped off. 

@Tycee Tyler sounds like you nee to hire an attorney to advise you. Depending on the amount of money and thoroughness of your evidence, which would be a very detailed set of plans, specs, contracts documented change orders, written communications, etc. a lawsuit may or may not be worth it. The problem with suing is he will likely dispute and even if you have all the documentation at $250-$350 an hour it can rack up pretty quick. Best thing is to get him off the job so you can hire someone else to finish.

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@Greg Dickerson I have some pretty solid evidence even have him on voice record saying he spent the money but with poor reason why so it doesn't add up to amount of money due

Sounds like you may have a good argument. Now it's a business decision. How much money are you out vs how much will you spend trying to litigate. It will cost a minimum of $5k to start the process and will hit $10k before you know it. 


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@Greg Dickerson wow I'm searching attorneys now at least gonna do a consultation

Yes wow! they will give you a free consult and maybe fire off a letter for a few hundred dollars but to engage they will ask for $5k retainer to start litigation. Make sure to look for an attorney who specializes in construction law and litigation. 

I do not know anything about NJ, but some states require that licensed contractors are bonded.  IF NJ has a bond requirement you can go after his bond.  No attorney needed, in the states I have worked with, you file through the state licensing board.  Going for a contractor's bond does get their attention.

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You should reach out to the NJ DCA. Dpt of consumer affairs. They will help you. This is the kinda thing that dw

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