Cant decide, Brrrr or Sell??

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I have a property now that I bought about 6 months ago for $53k.

It was tenant occupied and in rough shape. I new that I could get a sweet deal and once the tenant left I could rehab it and the property would be worth around $120k-$130k.

Well, things are going to plan so far, the tenant is out. I’m about half way through the rehab which should be done in a few more weeks.

I just can’t decide what to do next. If I listed the house I know I can easily sell it in this market quick and walk away with about a $25k-$30k profit. Or, I can rent for around $1,400 and refi, maybe pulling out a profit of around $5-$10k and be cash flowing about $300-$400/m.

I like the idea of renting to hold the asset for long term wealth building and passive income. However I’m also antsy to see if I can pull a nice profit and go find another project.