Need Contractor in Knoxville,TN

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Looking for contractor and subcontractor suggestions in the Knoxville area.  I have a big rehab project that will basically need a little bit of everything.  The project is 2 small single family homes, full gut, painting and floors, windows and doors, drywall, kitchen and bathroom, etc.  Also possibly some structural work.  Need to start ASAP!

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

@Addison Ricci - Please be more specific about 1. where the houses are located because "in the Knoxville area" includes many different code enforcement and zoning regulations and 2. what is your anticipated budget because in Knoxville a "full gut rehab" on an 800 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bath can easily be $40,000 if a new HVAC and siding are included.  Also, the Knoxville Real Estate Investors Association - KnoxREIA - has many vendors who attend the monthly meeting. 

@Victor Jernigan - The House is located in Fountain City and anticipated budget is 30k-40k. At this point i'm just looking for recommendations of various contractors to make connections and ask questions. Thanks for the tip on the REIA meetings. Im not local, but i'll definitely look into that when I come up to check on the properties.