High Contractor prices?

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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how much it costs to have drywall hung and finished? I had a quote come in for 2,800 square feet of wall. He told me material would cost $1200 and and labor would be $5000. Seems high to me but I really have no idea. I’m from Michigan. Thanks!!

@Jacob Rogers you can price the drywall sheets yourself online and get that cost. Labor including mud, tape and corner beads is $25-$30 for level 3 finish. If you are going level 5 it can run $50.

What kind of finish? That will impact the price. Assuming 4 x 8 sheets you're looking at about 88 sheets not including waste. That puts you at $70.45/ sheet. Seems pricey but that's why you get 3-5 bids. 

And... based on his breakdown... materials cost seems low and labor high.

I have known contractors will price a job high for 2 reasons. One, they have plenty of work but if the customer is willing to pay above norm, the contractor will find a way to fit them in. Or two, they don't want the job and priced without spending time actually figuring out the quote, off the cuff.