Flip - Exterior or Interior first?

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Hey guys! Currently looking at a potential REO foreclosure fix and flip. Quick question that may not bear any importance: Should I focus on rehabbing the interior or the exterior first? I heard on one of the podcasts (I believe) that if you renovate the exterior first, it gives you free marketing of your property as people notice the construction and cleaner look of this once ugly house. However, I also feel that if you do it first, you are inviting the small chance of a burglar to also notice this newly renovated house. Also, if you can list it as soon as people take note of it, I feel like that would be better as it is fresh in their minds. Any thoughts? Is this overthinking it?

@Noah Barba I’d say outdoor. It’s summer time and the weather is conducive for growth. If you were to wait you might run into cooling weather and things might not have been established and you could have a palace inside but if people are driving by a wreck, there goes your first impression.

You do it both at the same time . Contractors are not waiting for you call them , they are busy . The sooner its done , the sooner it sells .