As we have noticed for a while now the trending design for homes is modern with the “gray and white” color scheme. 

Now, the color scheme does look beautiful and keeps the home looking sleek + contemporary but, what about switching it up? 

Incorporating pops of color.  Bringing more life into the home through wallpaper that is actually a conversation piece.  

Instead of choosing what everyone else is doing, why not bring your own spunk forward into your rentals or flips? 

I believe what a potential homeowner looks for is not only comfort but, a home that sparks excitement and joy. 

When they walk in you want them to feel authenticity and uniqueness.  You want them to think to themselves, “wow, that’s an awesome idea!  I would have never thought about doing that myself.”

Profit can be created while also choosing to step out of the comfort zone and try to create from a new space you have never experimented with before! 

What new idea do you want to bring forward into your next investment property?