Finding homes to flip in Salt Lake City.

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My husband, Kevin, and I are looking for homes to flip in the Salt Lake City area, where we live. We have extensive experience in construction and property management, but are new to flips. Our next step is finding a good deal! The golden question. 😊

Thanks to BP, we've spent hours and hours learning about real estate investing and are now ready to take some aggressive action to get our first deal.

What’s the best place to look for deals in the SLC area?

Anyone else doing flips in Northern Utah that we can connect with? Thanks!!

@Charlotte M. Varble Attending local real estate investor meet ups is a good way to make those connections. I've been to a couple myself recently and I've found them to be helpful. 

Check these out.

Utah Real Estate Investors Association

Salt Lake Real Estate Investors Association

Northern Utah Real Estate Investors Association

Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association

@Charlotte M. Varble

Below are some deal sourcing ideas 

  • Wholesalers
  • MLS and Realtors
  • Banks and REOs
  • Craigslist
  • Driving for Dollars Use ... Mail Marketing
  • Web sites, Email,Internet, Social Media Marketing
  • Cold Calling distressed owners
  • Cold Calling Probate and other real estate attorneys
  • Local Real Estate meetups and groups
  • HUD and other government programs

Best of luck in all your endeavors.  

@Charlotte M. Varble - You could try

1.) Direct mail

2.) Contacting FSBO

3.)  Contacting houses that look neglected

4.)  Speaking with a probate attorney and getting leads on people getting divorces

5.)  Pull the tax delinquent lists and market to them.

6.) Speak with the top eviction lawyers in town and see if any of their clients have expressed interest in selling