Rent 6 months & air bnb 6 months??

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I have a single family home I have analyzed and am very confident about making large amount doing air bnb in summer/fall months. But I don’t think it will be very, if at all doing in the spring/winter time.

Has anyone ever rented out 6 months then did an air bnb? Struggles finding someone to lease for 6 month? I believe that if I did air bnb during the 6 months(hot season) I would still make a small profit, even if the house was vacant for 6 month.

I am also attacking this as my first BRRRR

This property is on Higgins Lake in Roscommon.

What do you guys think?

@Kyle Root I've never done a blend like that. I imagine it would be hard to get someone on a 6 month lease. Maybe you'd have more luck getting moderate length leases if you search for business travelers.