What is your opinion of Fortunebuilder?

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As Grant Cardone and many others say, Rule #1 Invest in yourself, there is no better Investment. If you are on Bigger Pockets asking questions, then you are already in one of the right places. There are so many resources here and so many knowledgeable people. There are many options to learn and get started, as everyone is different and learns differently. Reading books, listening to audio, podcasts, attending REIA's or other real estate investor meetup groups, or even doing a $200 seminar could surely provide a few nuggets or two that would be of value. Fortune Builders definitely has a lot of valuable information and as long as you can afford the $200 investment for weekend, then you have only that fixed amount to lose and everything to gain in my humble opinion. If that was your only $200, then you have to consider all of your options with other educational resources. If you were asking about spending $25k, then that is a totally different question to consider. I believe networking is a tremendously valuable resource to get started in your local area, and you will find others with experience, that will likely be happy to share with you as well. You may also find a local coach or mentor that may be able to help you expedite your learning curve should that be something of interest and within your financial capability. I give you credit for being here and asking questions. I would spend more time here looking up this same topic and about getting started with investing and you will find many more valuable ideas, books, podcasts, and experienced individuals with a wealth of knowledge to share. Best wishes to you.

@Michael Krupp

Thank you for that information. I don’t want to throw away $25k or more to FB. I have purchased the book by Brandon Turner on rental property investing which I am really interested in.

Do you think that wholesaling is a good place to start since there is no money down, per se? Thanks

@Stephanie Salas

That’s an option though again it all depends on your specific circumstances and goals. You would still need to learn all about that which to do properly is a lot of work and does take time and some money, You will need more than a book, that’s why the network and meetups are so valuable. I would highly suggest starting there too.

I attended one of those three day weekend seminar and requested my refund after the first day. I then used that refund to pay for my pro membership here on bigger pockets, been learning and taking action ever since.