First fix and flip deal tips

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I am really wanting to do a fix and flip in the Kansas City area.. it will be my first so if there are any fix and flippers already in Kansas City and wouldn’t mind partnering up on a deal and kinda guide the way so I can learn, I’m a fast learner, I’ve been in wholesale and having bad experience because I won’t trade my integrity for money, also I’m a little too trusting this is a down fall.. looking for someone out there who really cares about helping teach this, this is going to save and protect my family in so many ways.. pm me thanks

@Carlena Alva the best way to find partners is to create them organically. If you are wanting to learn about the fix and flip strategy I would recommend you attend local meetups. Not only will you learn about investing, you also have potential to meet a new partner as well. Books are also a great resource for learning. I may be able to let you borrow a few books if you want. DM me if you need help connecting to a few local meetups or if I can answer any questions. I hope this helps!

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@Carlena Alva

If your financial resources allow you to do the deal without a partner, I say just jump in and do it. You learn things much quicker when it’s your own money on the table. Find the deal, run the number by us here at BP and go for it. I agree with @Nathan Roberts view on partners being made organically anyways. It sounds like what you are looking for is a mentor anyways. Do you have a family member with some construction experience? My first deal I ever did was a 3000sq ft $120k gut rehab on a two family. At that point in my life I could barely change a door knob. I learn by doing, so that was what I needed. I had a mentor, but it was mainly phone conversations.

Find the deal, run the numbers by us on the forum and go for yourself.