Heirs house and confusion

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So my family owns this house next to my mothers. It’s my dads grandma house he pays property taxes on it every year, it’s vacant. Him and his brother has had a few fall outs over the house because neither agree to come to mutual agreements with the house. My uncle doesn’t pay property taxes at all but he’s basically sabotaging the house and my dad pays the property taxes every year. I think all of my dads brothers and sisters names are on the deed including my crazy uncle. I want to start off with a multi Family home, but this house could be a great way to get my feet wet without all the hard money loans and private loan confusion. Cash flow would be great because the house is paid off for with some rehabbing that needs to be done. I stay in FLORIDA, is it a dead cause for me to be able to get this house without the headache my dad think it will be? How can I legally be able to get the house without having my dad terrified of my uncle going crazy on me or anyone of us?

@Trellis Alexander . It probably has so many peoples names on the deed it isn't worth it. Especially when one person and really all the people aren't in agreement don't waste your time or money. I had one family member who I didn't get along with I was forced into the deal by parent and it didn't turn out great criminal and legal preceding so don't mess with it walk away. Go find you a small SFH or house hack a duplexor fha a multifamily. Take my word for it it ain't gonna work out been there done that. Hard head makes a soft butt take this free advice and run

Never do business with family, especially if one of them tends to disagree with the others. This will do nothing but bring you grief, likely cost you a lot more than you expect and can cause a rift in the family that won't heal.