What are the must read books on flipping?

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I’ve listened to all of the podcasts and read many of the BP books, other books, listened to other podcasts and read many articles.

For those of you that are flipping successfully what books did you read to educate yourself or what other forms of education did you use to get where you are?

My wife (25) and I (26) are in Clearwater FL, we want to educate ourselves on flipping, liquidate an investment of ours and then get into it. We just bought our house and are remodeling it, we are currently selling our share of a small business and look to walk with $40-$50k. Then down the road buy up rentals and live off of the passive income.

Thanks in advance!

There is much more to learn about flipping that no amount of books or podcasts can ever teach you. Either work with a mentor or take the dive into a real project. Use a good agent and GC to give you estimates of ARV and repair costs so you don't find yourself upside-down on your flip. The most difficult parts of flipping, for my, are managing the workers and finding deals with noobie flippers overpaying.

If you have any questions about the BiggerPockets flipping book, let me know... I wrote it and am about an hour south of you... 😉