New to investing, team building

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When getting started, other than a contractor & RE agent, who’s the next most important team member needing to be added?

I have a couple really good deals in my hands, but looking for the right execution strategy.

You need an attorney or title company  for closings, insurance company if your flipping, account to help you stay on top of taxes and financials.

@Cameron Tope

I’m doing single family flips in Metairie, Louisiana.

I have my eyes on a few amazing deals, but not a solid and complete team.

Just contractors and real estate agents so far.

Im going to be my own property manager, and this will be my first flip ever done.

I’m currently doing the renovations on my fathers house, and he has another property owned free and clear, (900 sqft, 2 bed 1 bath) but in my honest opinion it’s a tear down, but I’d like to get some advice on that route as well.

Ask some other investors or realtors in your area who they recommend. You can also google search real estate attorneys and title companies.