Rehab for older property 2/2 or 3/1

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First post on BP and I am in the process of acquiring my first investment property. This property is currently a 3 bed 1 bath house but you have to walk through 1 bedroom to access another. No way of adding a separate door. My thought was to turn these 2 connected bedrooms into a Master Suite therefore converting the 3/1 into a 2/2. Currently 3/1 houses are renting for +/- $50 as 2/2 in the area. I would think having to walk through bedrooms might scare potential renters away or they would treat it as a 2/1. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I sold a home once that also had a pass-through bedroom and it was used by my client as a very spacious master closet. Spending a lot of money to add a bathroom when you're keeping this for a rental may not be the best way to go so the other thought I have is could that pass-through bedroom make for a great home office instead of a master closet? A lot more people are working from home so that could add a lot of value as I have a lot of tenants that work from the home. This way, you're not spending ~$5k-$10kish on a big remodel for a second bathroom. Photos may help too to see the space.