Pet Peeve: New listings without photos?

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I get automatic emails from Redfin that send me instant notifications with new listings and a lot of new listings don't have property photos uploaded yet. 

Why would an agent make a listing go 'live' without photos? Is this just bad marketing or is their a thought process or psychology that I'm not considering?

I know when I see a new listing without photos I instantly get annoyed 🙄, and delete the email and never look back.

The two reasons I generally see is that the photos are forthcoming, as there seems to be a slight delay in the process at times.  Not sure of the particular reason, but maybe an agent can shed some light on the process.  I doubt there is a strategic reasoning behind it.

The other is the property is in such disrepair that they'll never get anybody to view the house if people see pictures of the property beforehand.

That's weird...  I wonder if it's a problem with how they are distributing (or a lag in the MLS process), as I know with a bunch of MLS's, it's against their rules to have a listing go live without at least one photo.  

Interesting, I suppose I was too quick to blame the agent's poor marketing and it could be a data feed issue between the MLS & Redfin. I'll have to look into that!


I agree. My broker requires at least one front-of-house picture uploaded before they'll activate the listing. I try to have them all in before it activates as you'll never get better exposure or chance to make that first impression than when it's sent out immediately to current active buyers with automatic searches. But if there's a tenant or the home needs a lot of repair, sometimes the front is all I can get. Some hire professional photographers or the MLS-associated photographer, and listing may begin before they've been completed.

@David Robertson

My mls I have to put the general info in first then submit the listing. I then get taken to a screen to upload pictures. Maybe you're getting emails triggered on the interim step.

We’re using matrix by core logic and My guess is most mls systems across the country do as well.

It happens from time to time. Most potential investors/buyers will wait for the photos. When no photos are shown I typically look at Google Street View to get an idea as to what the house looks like. 

I've never bought one of these homes but checking one out prior to seeing the photos would be a bit of a head start VS most other investors; especially useful in a hot market.