What to do about these exterior window awnings?

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Hi guys,

I'm currently rehabbing a property in a B- neighborhood built in 1942. It has these old window awnings that I think are out of date. However they do provide utility in that the city is prone to hail the size of golf ball, so having these do protect the windows from cracking (I suppose...). I am doing BRRRR on the property, and unsure if this should be removed. Most of the neighbors do not have these old awnings anymore. Here is a pic from Google streets, let me know if you think they should be removed, modified, and replaced with something else!

I would lose the awnings, they look very dated and ruin your curb appeal. I would also get a fresh coat of paint on that wood siding and plant some nice shrubs and flowers along the entire width (under all the windows around the front of the house) and freshen up that landscaping - it is the very first thing people will see when they pull up.

Awnings offer shade and protection of windows and the frames . On a c or d class asset I’d keep em if they are in good condition however I would clean and paint them with fresh paint to jazz up the appearance . B class ...I’d rip them off because they do look a bit outdated