Best Financial Move to Change Home Color

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I have a faded pale yellow vinyl Cape Cod I am Live & Flipping.

I did some reframing of outside walls. I will need to replace vinyl in several locations, but I would personally prefer a white home and think resale would be better if the home was white.

What is my best return on the following options?

Any experience with these options & the cost variation?

Is it worth the change?

1. DIY Paint the old yellow vinyl —> white myself

2. Hire a painter to paint old yellow vinyl —> white

3. DIY Revinyl the entire home white.

2. Match yellow vinyl & pull from back of house so all front is yellow vinyl & just leave light yellow.

Other details:

This is an over-budget move.

The home is 2400 sq ft.

This area can go for $200 - $250 sq ft.

There is also a separate garage that matches.

@Audrey Duncan , don't paint the vinyl. It will look terrible. Most all vinyl looks terrible, but that's a rant for a different forum...

What's behind the vinyl? Wood or is vinyl the original material? Ideally, you've got wood clapboards in decent shape which can be painted. This will bring you the most at resale.

My $0.02: white is nice, but I think a light grey with white corner boards is a classic look that speaks to a lot of buyers.

@Jaysen Medhurst There is actually clapboard beneath the vinyl. Honestly it hadn't crossed my mind to paint it since it is so old, chipped, mildewy, and it is definitely not a small house. There are many thick layers of old paint on the boards and the sanding process may take an eternity. I will also have to put new board at all the places we reframed.

Any tips with doing that sort of job?

@Audrey Duncan , hmm...a few thoughts:

What do other similar homes have? Are they mostly clapboards, shakes, or fiber-cement? If they are mostly vinyl, would something upscale command a higher price and be a competitive advantage? Chat with your realtor about this. I know this is an "over budget" project, so understanding the potential ROI is all the more important.

Get a few painters out there for bids to remove the vinyl, prep the old claps, and paint. You mentioned DIY in your first post. Ask each if you were on the job with them how would that affect their quote. Most of the cost in house painting is the prep. If you can minimize that, the numbers might work better.

If you truly want to DIY the whole thing, check out sources like Fine Homebuilding for the best way to get the best results. Buy the right equipment and don't cheap out on the tools, process, or paint (I like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Pratt & Lambert avoid the big-box brands and don't fall for "paint and primer in one"). Don't waste your time or money on "DIY" or "pro-sumer" equipment. Either rent or buy the good stuff. Pro tip: Home Depot will take back just about anything in any condition. I once saw a guy return a 3-year old, very used, power washer to the Midtown Manhattan Home Depot, without a receipt and a brand that HD doesn't even sell. Just sayin'...