Suggestions for Selling My Flip

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Help! I am on my 2nd flip in OKC. I can’t seem to get lookers. I’m close to Plaza District. In Crestwood District. Thanks ya’ll!

Anyone have any suggestions?

@Char Silk

Taking a look I’ve noticed a few things that raised some yellow flags no red flags. School district was 2/10, that’s not good for a 200k area. DOM in your area is 60 days plus. Have you looked at other listings in your market? 56 days, 75 days, 141 days...these are the neighboring listing to yours. This is an indicator that people aren’t jazzed to move in quickly. Listing history, people can see you flipped it by looking at this. They could be asking why the sudden spike in price since last year? Tax it really 10k? When someone buys this house that number will jump significantly.

Food for thought, these were just the small questions that immediately jumped into my head...good luck I hope you make out successfully!

The house looks lovely.  And, you deserve a sale.  The posting, however, is overwhelming.  There are too many photos of the same rooms from different angles - and that gets a tad exhausting.  The narrative needs to be less "honey, stop the car"-ish; I find that when sellers over use adjectives, it insults serious buyers.  You've done a great job in creating an inviting modern home.  Leave out the faux, the "!", and just tell the story:  "It's a stunning home that you'll be proud to call home."  Please let us know when you get your offer(s).  A few adjustments and I think you'll be there.  

Again, congrats on a stunning renovation.  

I'm sure this isn't the main issue but something to note and that I notice immediately as someone with a lot of hair/body products in the shower

2 subway tiles high of a cubby in the showers is not big enough to fit many/most products.  

You did a great job on the home, it looks very nice. I agree with the comment of too many photos of the same room and the description edits. I would also suggest getting rid of the trash cans on the right hand side in the one photo. Either photo shop them out or retake that photo and keep the cans hidden from the street.

I don't know your area but in almost all cases, if a home is not selling when it is in a good condition like this one, it is almost always over priced. In looking at a few others, one can get same square footage for $30k less (although it may not be an exact comp as I don't know your area). As another mentioned, school rankings are vital when flipping and you can't do anything about that now, but for future, pay close attention to this BEFORE you buy next time, same goes for crime ratings, population growth, and job growth numbers.

I actually live in the neighborhood and have seen your flip! I am in no way experienced as my husband and I have yet to get in the real estate game here in OKC, but I thought I would comment since I do live in the area. In person, it sticks out as an obvious flip. Some potted plants and staging on porch might help it feel homier. I agree that the listing was overwhelming and might consider toning it down a bit. As others have pointed out Hawthorne Elementary is a 2/10. If your target buyer is a young professional family, they will take one look at the school score and pass. If your target buyer is a first time home owner looking in a trendy area, I think the house may be too large. For future reference Cleveland is considered the best public elementary school within OKC, which is why Crestwood, Cleveland and Shepherd have always been desirable. Unfortunately, you’re house is literally one house past the school boundary for Cleveland. School boundaries were redrawn at the start of the year so for most accurate info for your next next flip I would go check Okc school website and not rely on Zillow. On a side note, I think you did a great job on kitchen layout! So many times I see a lack of landing and prep space in these older home flips.