How do you determine class of property&neighborhood? (A,B,etc.)

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Properties and neighborhoods are categorized by class: A, B, C, D, (or F?). How do you figure out what you're looking at? How do you know a property is class A vs. B or a neighborhood is B vs. C, etc.?

@Ben Feder   This question comes up a lot here, below is a link to some other links on this topic around BP if it helps.  In general though, the best way to I have heard it know an A and D when you see it...the B and C's are going to be subjective and dependent on your region, demographics and other factors.  : )

This is certainly a question that has been asked a lot here on BP. The link above will definitely give you some great resources to read.

Copied from that thread is one of my answers for simplicity sake:

A Class = Most amenities, newer building, usually 10 years or newer, great area, top rents.

B Class = Good amenities, approx. 20 years old or less, good area.

C Class = Little amenities, older buildings, usually 30 years old or so, not a good area (but not war zone)

D Class = No amenities, old building, usually with deferred maintenance, bad area (likely war zone)

Then you have all the in between like B- or C+

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