What are your thoughts on Fortune Builders ?

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Double thumbs down! Protect your wallet and stay clear. Read the thread J Scott provided. While many of us here are anti guru and this group is full guru, we are pro education. Most guru programs prey on the desperate and those ignorant to the process of real estate investing. They make it sound easy, glamorous and that anyone can do it without any money or credit (except for the money they want to steal from you).

Another way to look at your options is this .. to learn how to play golf some people will want to pay for private lessons from a pro and others will want to put in as much time as possible hitting balls and playing with others who can provide tips "on the fly". It's not that one way is bad, just different. I know some people who say they never would have gotten started if they hadn't gone with one of those very expensive programs. So you need to know yourself ... would this jump-start you in some way that you wouldn't manage otherwise? If you feel the answer is yes, then I'd still advise caution since the "yes" may be coming from the idea that such a program will give you everything in need in a nice package and that's just not the case. You still have to put in the work regardless of whether or not you have a program (or golf pro) showing you the way.

buy a few books, watch some videos, read some blog posts, spend a lot of time looking through Bigger Pockets and then get your feet wet with a small deal.  You will learn a lot from experience so you really have to just do it.  Real estate is a pretty safe investment if you know you buy the place at the right price.  Ive only lost money on one house in the last 20 years, made money on all the others.

oh and dont waste your time with one of their courses, go on their site and read all the blog posts.

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