General labor for demo work

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I have a tri-plex that I recently purchased in Grand Rapids, MI.  It needs to be gutted to the studs for the remodel.  I have two guys that are currently doing the demo work.  However, the pace is slower that I anticipated and the remodel schedule is in jeopardy.  I'd love any referrals for Grand Rapids, MI area folks that are interested in some short-term work.  Thank you in advance.  Best, Adam

Demo is surprisingly technical work. Getting it done quickly is a skill set, and there are actually some specialized tools that make the process go faster.

Best thing you can do for yourself is find a demolition contractor. Call around to a few dumpster companies, oftentimes they will do demolition work as well or be able to turn you on to a good demo contractor.

As a general contractor, you should be overseeing the project on a day to day basis. You should have a construction schedule to adhere by and that is the schedule that should be shown to everyone working for you. IF, you are a flipper or business person NOT SUPERVISING the job then yes, expect these people to DOG THE JOB for an hourly income. Happens to EVERYONE unless you are BIDDING each job out.

I've done many remodels, new builds and rehabs. Get an on-site dumpster, be on the job and work along with the people. If you can't do that then get a friend to check in on the progress of the work so as to keep you advised. Best bet, do the supervising yourself day and night.

You can always hire or bid the job out for an XYZ amount At least you'll know the finish dates of project.

Also consider the liability aspect. If you are not using an insured contractor then all liability falls on you if one of those guys gets hurt.