Cash out refinance seasoning period

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Hello BP,

Does anyone know of any mortgage companies in Georgia that do not require a seasoning period for a cash-out refinance? Or a seasoning period of less than six months?

I’m located in Columbus, GA if that helps.

Essentially, I’m trying to determine if it’s feasible to buy, rehab and refinance a property in 90 days or less in my market.

Additionally, for those who have done cash-out refinance options in less than six months, were these through local community banks/ credit unions?

I would like to hear any and all success stories for those who don’t mind sharing, and a reality check  if one is needed. Thanks.

@Harrison Barber I have done many BRRRR's in less than 90 days here in Texas through a local credit union.

If you truly can't find a lender that will allow a seasoning period less than 6 months or a year then just factor the holding and financing costs into your offer.

It wouldn't be ideal for that time to hold high interest debt but you could definitely get the property stabilized and a solid tenant in place, meaning you should have minimal negative cashflow.

Best of luck!

@Harrison Barber My Guy! We need to catch up. First beer is on me.

That concept is absolutely feasible. Most of your seasoning periods come from government-backed loans (VA, FHA), which you can only get as a primary residence. It doesn't sound like that's what your going for here.

We just completed our cash-out refi on our home here- had to wait 6 months from the date of the first mortgage payment to exit that loan because it was a VA loan. It was no problem because we accounted for it on the front end.

Let’s talk about approaching a local credit union or bank- Kinetic, Regions, or Synovus. They will have packages that you may not even need to refi out of the original loan- as long as you have a business plan. I also know some rehabbers here that may be valuable to you. 

@Cameron Tope   im partnered with some folks in DFW area and we have a few homes that we have either built ground up or bought fixed and rented.  but we typically fund these homes with either our own capital or mix of capital / hard money.  we are looking to find some lenders to do refi's now on several but have of course run up against the 6 or 12 month seasoning.  i'd be curious if you could share your lender that is will to do 90 days?

@Timothy Visio   your bank able to lend in texas/DFW area?