Best deal for carpet in rental bedrooms?

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Does anybody have a good recommendation for carpet for 2 bedrooms in my home that I’m going to turn into a rental? Im trying to get the best value for my money and preferably from Home Depot because they already took measurements. I already have my luxury vinyl plank picked out for the rest of the home but I am keeping the bedrooms carpet. I’m mainly looking for gray or tan colors. If anybody has a go to carpet that they like please share, thanks!

@Wyatt Postal - We typically use a high traffic (commercial) berber carpet with mid-grade padding. We use a darker carpet (often charcoal gray), it lasts for a few tenants and is priced well. Choose a color variation (still darker) that will compliment the colors of your home.

My contractors place the order so I'm not 100% positive, but here's what I believe the the brand we most often choose:

Pro Tip - carpet is often on sale. If something has a deep discount, I encourage my crew to pick that even if it doesn't meet my criteria.