My water smells like crap -

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Literally. When I bought the place I had the water checked out - tested fine. I also had the septic checked out which is almost new and also tested fine. So why does my water smell like ****? I dont know. I'm surely not gonna taste test it. But it needs to be straight for prospect buyers.Last thing I need is for them to wash their hands or (god forbid) have a glass of water, and be turned off to my house. How do I solve this? Do you think a simple filter installed in the main water line would take care of it? I don't think it's a safety issue, just a funky smell.

I would thoroughly flush the lines, and then fill up a glass of water and smell it. If it smells, its probably the water source (i.e. city or well) and there won't be much you can do about it except for putting a filter on it. I don't know if its something I would worry too much about. The new buyer probably isn't going to smell the water to see if they want to buy it.

Judging by the fact you also have septic, I'm going to assume you have well. The odor you probably smell is sulfer and other minerals in the water. You may be able to rectify some of that by chlorinating your well, essentially pouring a bunch of chlorine or bleach into the well and flushing the system for a day. It's not unsafe to drink, it just smells bad. Also, it's pretty obvious that you should not drink the bleach water until it's flushed out for a day. To see if it's a serious problem in the drinking water, you can get the water tested at your town hall if you live in a rural area. I think Sears may also do water testing to try and sell you a water filtration kit, at least they used to.