Still necessary to stage retail flips?

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Or has the market rebounded enough to not need to bother with staging anymore?

Take a look at your competition as well as the days on market for your area. What you find will help you realize a localized answer to your question.

There is little to no staging in my farms. It never really caught on where I am, even in many the higher priced areas, even when it really was a buyers market. Where I am, it's all about price and location, and staging can't address that. I would do a limited amount if I had a property with challenging space(s). So many rehabbers here are working on thin margins and trying to make up for it in volume. Staging is the last thing on their minds. Of course, a property sitting on the market from more than 30 days would get their attention, but that's just not happening right now.

I wanted to add that a rehab in my farm is recognizable by its emptiness in the photos on the MLS. The bulk of listings are short sales by owner occupants, with all their crap. Usually looks bad, even when they own nice crap. The unstaging is working in our favor right now.

In my market I have staged properties in the top tier ($600K+). The cost is not significant to me since my wife does most of the work.
It also depends on what buyers you are attracting. In my market Buyers who are upgrading are more receptive to a staged home.

Investors who are looking for rentals tend to see the other aspects (ease of maintenance etc.)


What cities do you primarily concentrate on in the Central valley?

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