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Is anyone currently doing any fix and flips in the Kansas City or Midwest area? Some of the deals seem almost too good to be true.

Luke Faulconer I love seeing you young guys getting in and learning about real estate investing, and jumping in on BP and participating! We have a 24 year old son that works with us. Have you filled out your keyword alert yet? It's at top of page, right under blue band, under Notifications. You can have alerts with your area, type of property you're interested in etc. Good luck in your journey!

Been killing the flips! Especially to Cali investors, Aussie super fund property investments, and Asian over seas buyers. Give them a firm net cap of about 15% for cash flow and speculation on appreciation. Quick way to double capital for those great buy/holds that can kill your liquid. The numbers are true, made almost 50,000 profit on flips of my own with business partners.

Deals are getting rare for MLS, and sadly feel market heating up. Will probably go to back to more wholesale/tax auction approach.

Anybody else from KC feeling like the market is really rebounding? lot's of properties getting bid up that shouldn't be.

Check out iFunding, we crowdfund fix and flips by allowing accredited investors to invest as little as $5,000.

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