HELP! How do you permanently remove mold damage?

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I found this house in a great neighborhood that needs rehab and is being sold for very cheap.

The problem is that there appears to be mold damage in the basement recreation room on the wood panels. It looks and smells awful! Is there a way to permanently fix this problem?

I heard you can clean the mold with bleach. I was also thinking of replacing the carpet with tile floors to prevent accumulation of mold. Also replace the rotten wooden walls with beadboard.

Would a sump pump prevent the mold from coming back? Any ideas?

Don't mean to alarm you, but there are some molds now that are of the toxic variety. Virtually impossible to get rid of and can cause serious illness, even death in rare cases. Might be worthwhile to have it tested before jumping in. I have seen on the news where very expensive houses have had to be demolished because of a toxic mold caused by water damage.

I have florida property and just took this on myself with the help of the EPA. They put out a book EPA-402K-01-001 that tells about remedies, protection, causes..etc.
This pub was done in 2001. They may have a newer version now. There is no way to tell what kind of mold by just looking at it. But Black mold is the killer that was mentioned in this post. It is mostly found in the south and is less than 3% of all mold found in houses.
What ever you do, be sure to have a good paint respoerator, eye protection and clothes that can protect your skin pores when first working in the area.
Hope this helps

1 to 4 parts beach to water in a spray bottle.
Make sure your remove all the molded area i.e. sheetrock, wood paneling, etc.
If you have it in the walls you need to expose all the mold.
Spray it w/ your mixture and let it sit for 2-3 hrs.
Then you can order a product call LUMBAR if you live in the Houston area you can buy the product at Solutions, a pest control type store.
Spray that on the area and it will prevent mold from comming back.
(note: you must fix the water problem water leak=mold)

I have been out of a computer for a whileand I had to reformat my hard drive. But I had some real grizzly pictures of the mold in my last house, which I just closed on this last Friday for 140K. That was quite a project!
I did nearly all the wok myself and contracted very little out= MISTAKE