Should I add a shower to a Rental property and have 2 full baths?

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Hello. I purchased a 3bd 1 &1/2 bath. The 1/2 bath consist of toilet, sink and washer/dryer hook-ups. I’m wondering if I should remove the washer dryer hookups and put a shower in? Thanks for any advice.

Hi its always ideal to have that second full bath. You open your buyer pool to more people like families. Thus you will get some kind of premium for that. I would bid it out first make sure its worth the cost. You may want to ask an agent or look at the comps to see how much value it would give you. If you need to put 3k in for that, I would want at least 6k in value for the hassle of putting that in. That's my two sense on that.

Account Closed what is the plan for the laundry if you get rid of it?  If you cannot relocate the washer dryer hookups, I would not put a shower in.  

Also, where it the full bath located?  If it is off a common hallway, then adding the shower will be of less value, especially if you are simply losing washer dryer hookups.

@Evan Polaski the full bath is upstairs in common hallway with all three bedrooms. The washer/dryer hookups would be relocated to what is now a coat closet on the first floor with stackable washer/dryer, allowing for a 2nd shower option for a family.

This is a buy & hold for the long term. I know I don’t like sharing a restroom with my children, trying to see if it would make sense to add a shower. Thanks for your input