Manitowoc Wisconsin Rehabbers

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Hey everyone!

I’m hoping that someone can help shed a bit of light and wisdom my direction. I’m currently looking at a few potential rehabs near Manitowoc Wisconsin, more specifically I’m hoping to find out if anyone else is doing rehabs in that area?

If so what I’m wondering is what you guys are seeing for rehab expenses there? I know that is an extremely broad question and generally requires a lot more information but I’m just hoping to get what you guys would budget for per square foot for a full gut rehab?

If you guys need kore information to give an accurate answer please ask away and I’d be happy to provide any info I can!

Thank you!

@Jason Snell I'm from Manitowoc and there's to many variables for me to answer that question (is this a C class rental duplex or A class single family).

I can tell you though that getting contractors to answer their phone or return a call is becoming impossible here. I have a few that I worked with on past jobs even dodge calls. All the "little " guys are looking for the super easy bath/ kitchen remodel jobs that they can have done in a few days. The new home builders don't want to mess with the old home remodels.

If you need concrete or hvac I do have solid referrals for those.

Is this a sign Glenn family?