Working on my first rehab

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Originally posted by @Chris Harper :

When rehabbing homes what size dumpsters do you use most?

What issues have you had with dumpsters in the past?

Y want to use a dumpster that is appropriate for the size of the project you are doing. Make sure you understand pick up and drop off cost as well as dump fees and rental rates if any. The biggest issue if you run into is too small of a dumpster needing to be picked up and replaced too often and Neighbors filling the dumpster at night. That’s a cost of doing business.

We gut the houses down to the studs. We usually have 3-5 per project. The big question that you need to make sure is what they will/will not take in the dumpsters. 

Example: some companies will take building debris but not landscaping also

@Chris Harper , generally bigger is better and only marginally more than a smaller option.  But, the right size depends on your job.  

As Greg mentions, neighbors using your dumpster.  The more publicly visible, the worse it will be.  We showed up a job one morning and there were 6 cabinet bases in there, well over the top of the dumpster.  We had our guesses as to who, but no proof.  It cost us a second dumpster we likely would not have needed, and $100 to get the dumpster guy to move all the over limit stuff into the new dumpster, so he could take the old one.