Finding a Contractor

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I purchased a house in SE Michigan that id like to rehab and rent out so I can move on and purchase another property. I am searching for a contractor that will be a part of my team and be my general contractor for all/most of my future projects.

My question is, how do you go about finding a reliable, high quality, reasonable contractor? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey Justin!

There are a bunch of ways to find a contractor, I'll list some below:

1. Check BPs contractor directory ( ). These contractors have a much higher chance of being reliable than from other methods because these contractors have taken the time to be active on BP. Also, they are accustomed to working with investors which is a plus!

2. Network with other investors and once you develop a great relationship, ask who they use! You can find BP meetups at . 

3. Ask other team members such as property managers, real estate agents, and attorneys for recommendations.

4. Follow J Scott's famous tactic of going to Home Depot/Lowe's and meeting contractors who are buying materials. These individuals are likely hard workers and are working before the competition. You can also ask the employee at the Pro Desk who they recommend. 

I'd make a list of the best contractors. Then I'd give them all small tasks and document how well they do. Then, for each of my rehabs, I'd choose contractors at the top of the list. Of course it is also important to take cost into consideration. So I suppose you will have to find a balance of cost and quality that you are happy with. 

I hope this helps!