What would you do with a tree stump?

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Has anyone dealt with a large tree stump, over 4 ft diameter, in the front yard?

Would you remove it, or try to incorporate it into the landscape? Would the stump add or decrease the property value? The Stump is located on the opposite side of the yard from the driveway.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, and the pros and cons.

@Eric Wong , Wow, that’s a big one. For myself it would be better aesthetically to get rid of it but it’s not really something most would be able to do on their own for cheap. Would definitely involve a landscaping or tree service to remove. You can have someone come take a look and give you a quote and decide at that point of the cost/benefit ratio.

Have it ground down, it should be a couple hundred bucks, easy peasy. Otherwise they just slowly rot away and look bad. 

If you arent in any rush, you can drill a bunch of holes in the stump and pour stump removal chemicals in the holes, takes about 2 months and then you can axe it apart. 

Thanks for the input! I googled and saw that people were turning the stumps into planter boxes...the wife seems to like that idea.

As far as selling the house, I wonder if leaving the stump would matter one way or the other to potential buyers?

I currently have 8 in my personal backyard I'm planning on burning haha

But at my rental property, when it was my primary residence, had 4 large stumps (we cut down the trees). Paid a guy around $400 to bring in a big stump grinder and they were nothing but chips in less than an hour.

Call around and get a few quotes. Personally I'd get it ground before you sell, just as it will likely deter a few potential buyers and it'll just look nicer.

@Eric Wong Just go to your local rental center, get a stump grinder and take it out yourself. $75 and a couple hours plus it is fun.