New Investor Looking for Flip Resources Houston

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Hello! We are currently STR investors (Smoky Mountains) that are looking to flip/brrrr some properties to expand and diversify our portfolio. We are full time RVers, currently located north of Houston and would like to explore this market. I am interested in connecting with real estate agents and wholesalers to begin looking for our first deal. And of course, any advice for a newbie is appreciated!

There are a lot of great deals here in Houston, I do know that they do not last long at all. Obviously there are good people and bad like in any market. Are you looking in Conroe area or more to the Northwest of Houston by Cypress and Hempstead?

@Steve Rozenberg thanks so much for your response! Since we are mobile, we are open to pretty much any area where a good deal can be had. We are in the process of building a new vacation rental in TN and hope to have a flip lined up to start on in TX when it's completed. Hopefully mid February. I understand acting fast! In the STR market we invest in, a house can go under contract within hours of hitting the MLS.

There are a lot of good reputable companies out here that wholesale as well as flip or do turnkey, Just make sure to do your due-dilligence on them all. Happy to help anyway I can