Order for rehab on home, full rehab

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How do you plan your flips? What order do do it in?

Demo, Patch, paint, trim? Etc.. or how do you organize it ?

Example a house that neededs new everything, except major ticket items, & drywall

Hey George - here are a couple of great threads that answer your question:



This is a very important question that a lot of people wait too long to ask. It's very costly to get this wrong.

I try to organize mine by trade. For interior work, perhaps it goes without saying that demolition has to happen first. 

Second, anything that involves punching holes in stuff (like the walls or floor) should come next. This includes HVAC, electric and plumbing.

Third, we do kitchens and bathrooms. They involve carrying heavy and bulky materials through the house that can damage walls or flooring, so we do this before those items.

Fourth is paint, and flooring comes last. This seriously cuts down on cleaning requirements (floor is new, and therefore clean) and it also reduces the chances of getting paint on the new floor.

If all the materials are coming in and out the front door, then you want to start with the furthest room from the front door and work your way toward it. Hauling materials through causes damage, so you always want to work your way out, and paint or replace the front door last, because it will take a beating.

If there's a roof leak, then that should come near the beginning of the project. Besides that, exterior work is fairly independent of the interior.