Popcorn Ceiling with Gloss Paint

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I have purchased a house that we are currently flipping and for whatever reason the previous owner sprayed white semi gloss paint to re paint the popcorn ceiling. The water used to dampen the ceiling will not get through that. Any suggestions? 

Use a scraper or sander to cut into the outer popcorn. That will open enough holes for the water to work its way in. Just be careful to make sure it is not asbestos popcorn, but that goes for any popcorn removal project. 

Just tried the above yesterday and again today 

totally a no go for me 

maybe I’m doing something wrong?

One room was not painted with gloss and it came off very easy.  The entire rest of the house has the gloss. 

Very easy.. go over it with 3/8” drywall. Fresh and new, no scraping, no possible asbestos, etc.

I haven't tried it yet - but might if one of my popcorn ceilings turns out to have asbestos - but I've seen videos where they lightly skim coat the popcorn with drywall mud.