Getting RE License to Flip Houses

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I just signed up for pre-licensing courses to get my RE license and I'm wondering if I'll have a hard time getting sponsored by a broker if I'm going to use my license solely to help with investing? My guess is no since the broker doesn't have to pay me unless I make a sale, but I'm not sure and was hoping to get some clarity on this.

Also, would my sponsoring broker get a cut of the commissions on both the buy and sell side?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Niklas Hilmoe , I don't think it will be too difficult to find a brokerage to hang your license with.  Usually, the smaller, independent brokerages will have more flexibility but don't have the training programs.  Maybe that isn't a big deal for you since you are mostly going to be doing your own deals.  

Yes, they will be taking a cut on both sides of the transaction.  It is usually 20%-30% of your commission.  There is usually an annual cap of $15k-$20k on that.