Purchase my first fixer-upper (watch my journey)

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Hello Everyone,

After months and months of hunting down the previous owner, I've finally sealed the deal and closed on my first home. A few short weeks ago I found myself in the title insurance office finalizing what seemed, in hindsight, to be a fairly simple process. This thread will be my attempt to keep myself accountable as well as seek wise counsel from you all, my fellow BiggerPocketers. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and please do not shy away from engaging with me and this post.

Be well,

Bye for now.

Here the deal I struck,

This was an off-market vacant home that I purchased in "as-is" condition. Whatever's in the home is now mine, good or bad. All that was required of the previous owner was a suitable purchase amount and we were off to the races. 

More details coming soon,

Bye for now.