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Just curious to know what rules of thumb everyone uses to quickly evaluate properties... I'm aware of the 2% rule regarding rent, the 50% rule regarding monthly expenses, and the 70% rule for pricing. Any rules of thumb for quickly estimating rehab costs or closing/holding expenses? Is there anything I'm not thinking of that I'm missing?



Shoor, most would tell you that closing / holding expenses combined are going to be close to 10% of the sales price. In regards to rehab costs, "quickly estimating" is probably not a wise idea. You're probably asking for a $/sf type figure, but these can be WAY off.

Check out J Scott's book on Estimating Rehab Costs (available on the BP site). It will walk you through the fundamentals and give you a much better idea than a $/sf number. Best of luck.

No problem Shoor. I wasn't trying to be difficult or short, it's just that estimating rehab costs (and doing it incorrectly) is the quickest way for someone to lose money on a flip. If you can get good estimating rehab costs (the right way) you're not running much of a risk trying to buy low and sell high. I wish you well!

Hey I'm interested in this too more for creating a screener than for actual analysis. Are there more rules or ratios people use regularly?

I understand they can be deceiving but just curious.

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