Appraisal Education / Tips

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Looking for any suggestions on books or anything that give more insight on appraisals. Or even your tips. What things could help increase the appraisal and what things don’t.

I understand the basics on comps and adding bedroom/bathroom and other major capital expenses. What little things or smaller budget items could have a big impact?

Though it is guaranteed NOT to be a page-turner, your state's appraiser certification education materials will give you profound insight into the process.  You can probably snag a textbook for free or for sub $200 by signing up fo the course to get the textbook.

Generally speaking, bed/bath/SF increases add the most value. Things to look out for on value reductions for appraisals are noise/busy streets, condition, amenities like pools and views, and age can all factor in on appraisals.

@Lawrence Mark , small budget (as in free) are before and after photos, typed out list of all improvements you made, pulling your own (realistic) comps to support your value, and if you have multiple offers around the same price on the property, provide front page of all contracts to show more than just buyer was willing to pay a similar price.  Make sure appraiser does a full walk through.  Meet the appraiser at the property to present all prepared items mentioned above. 

With any flip, you simply don't want anything to be an outlier, relative to the rest of the property.  Cutting the grass and edging/weeding/mulching the planting beds.  All construction debris and dumpsters are removed.  Property has had a full cleaning.  The same things that make buyers fall in love with it, will cause an appraisal to view it much more favorably.