Cold calling an owner to buy an off market property

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Originally posted by @Carmella Lombardi :

@Michael Plante that's it? I wonder if there are behind the scenes factors - maybe some emotional attachement? Family history? Meant to be an heirloom? The house is the original 1957 build and the property is waterfront. So I have to wonder.... why do nothing with it?!

 You can start asking those questions after you build rapport,  you ask those question to figure out a pain point, and see how  will you be able to help them . and if the really need your help or not.. 

Just be you and honest  everything will flow.... 

@Carmella Lombardi Don't overthink it, it really comes down to having a nice conversation with the homeowner, try to identify the pain points (if any), and find a way to solve it. Even if they're not motivated to sell yet keep following up every 30 days, consistency always wins ;) 

Also, a small trick: Call 2 times in a row (people rarely pick up on the 1st call), drop a voicemail each time, and send a text message after you hang up, the more "touch" on the lead the more chance to get a callback.